a.) As I’m a big fan of 2K’s gorgeous  videogame series „Bioshock“ (I,II and also Infinity), here is some fanart. I decided to draw quiet and private scenes, mental changes of a more subtile nature.

b. & c.) „Sibirian Heat“ is one of my concepts for a survival game. Inspired by Roland Emmerichs „The Day after Tomorrow“, I asked myself how the world would look like, after a few more years of ice and cold. Which kind of people would survive and how they act when their life is at stake every day.

d.) Real heroes still do exist in the scottish highlands! Gowan and his friends compete in a traditional sportive event, called The „Highlandgames“. The product will be created on Unity as a 2D Jump ’n‘ Run.

The Filmindustry as well as the CG industry have strong influences on our view of the world. Therefore I always try to keep an eye on latest products. As a Playstation fan, I love outstanding CG series like „Bioshock (I,II and Infinity)“ as well as games which introduce designs and ideas, different from the mainstream. In this category I consider „Journey“, or „de Blob“ as mentionable. Well designed sceneries and clever plots will always fascinate me. I’ve spent hours, playing „Assassin’s Creed“, Dishonoured“, „The Last of Us“, „The Walking Dead“, „Grand Theft Auto“,…